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Ken Poorman's Hall family of Renovo, Pa . . . 

Hall Name Meaning


English: from Middle English hall (Old English heall), Middle High German halle, Old Norse holl all meaning ‘hall’ (a spacious residence), a topographic name for someone who lived in or near a hall. The English name has been established in Ireland since the Middle Ages.

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NOTE: Go to CHRIST CHURCH in Philadelphia to learn more about Theodorus Hall 

THEODORUS HALL came to America in 1700 from Cheshire England, near Manchester, and settled North of Philadelphia PA in Bucks County, and subsequently moved across the Delaware River to Hunterdon County New Jersey.  At his death he and his wife, Gertrude, lived in or near Amwell, New Jersey in Hunterdon County. (New Jersey Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, 1751-1760, page 141)
On April 29, 1729 Theodorus married GARTRUDE (Gertrude) GORDON B. 1710, D. 1805, of Middlesex County (Near Raritan River) New Jersey at Christ Church in Philadelphia PA and they had 9 children: (not in order)
  • Jesse Hall, B. 1750, D. before 1797, Married Elizabeth Heath = (Gordon Hall & Charles Hall)  
  • Jacob Hall (had children) & Elizabeth Davis, Ringwood, New Jersey
  • Isaac Hall (died early manhood) Ringwood, New Jersey
  • Rebeccah (Rebbecca?) Hall & Orvil Richards-Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Mary Hall & John Lake (Dake?), Ringwood, New Jersey
  • Gertrude Hall & Luther Opdyke (Opdycke?) Ringwood, New Jersey
  • Joseph Hall, B. 1730 (Moved to West Virginia)
  • SAMUEL HALL (1742–1805) PRIVATE in REV WAR (Married Ruhamah Everetts)
  • Susannah Fox (Susan Hall & Ambrose Rex-West Virginia)
  • (Elizabeth Hall?)
Christ Church Philadelphia
After Theodorus' death in 1759, Gertrude remarried Joseph Howell of Kingwood Township, Hunterdon County NJ.  After Joseph's death, Gertrude willed all her lands to her sons Jacob Hall and Jesse Hall equally. Her other children were paid cash.  A codicil to her will dated 28 Dec. 1797 indicated that son Jesse pre-deceased her.  (New Jersey Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, 1801-1805, page 227)

A family document indicated: “Luther's first wife was Gertrude Hall, who was the mother of all his children. Her father Theodore Hall was born in England and came with his brother Jacob to the neighborhood of Philadelphia. Theodore married Gertrude Gordon in 1729, moved to Kingwood in 1757, living near the east bank of the Delaware River, engaging in the milling business on the west side. He was drowned by the upsetting of his canoe while crossing the river during a freshet; his wife died in 1805, aged 95. Their daughter Gertrude spent her youth in Virginia with her older brother and sister who had settled there; soon, after her father's death, she returned to New Jersey and was married to Luther. After her death Luther married Mrs. Ruth Sinclair, a widow, who died in 1835; he then married Mary Dalrymple.”

Source: Opdycke family history.

SAMUEL HALL (REV WAR) BORN 6/19/1742 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia; DIED 12/22/1805 in Ringwood Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey; he married RUHAMA EVERETT Born 7/16/1750 in Ringwood Township, near Raritan River, NJ and died in Ringwood Township, Hunterdon County NJ on 10/10/1831. They were married in 1767.  SAMUAL HALL served as a Private in Colonel Thomas Cray's Third Regiment of the Pennsylvania Continental Line (Pennsylvania Patriot's Index, Page 296) & (Pennsylvania State Library, Muster Rolls, Harrisburg, PA). SAMUEL HALL & RUHAMA EVERETT HALL had 13 children:
1. Susan Hall, b. 10-6-1767 NJ
2. Mary Hall, b. 9-5-1769 Ringwood NJ
3. Martha Hall, b. 9-22-1770 NJ
4. Isaac Hall, b. 1-14-1773 (1778?) NJ, m. Elizabeth Stevens
5. Joseph E. Hall, b. 10-17-1774 NJ, d. Brookfield NJ 3-2-1842
6. Sarah Hall, b. 3-17(7?)-1777
7. JESSE HALL SR, b. 6-1-79, m. Elizabeth Johnson 1806
8. Priscilla Hall, b. 7-28-1780 [Family Tree says Percilla & Lucinda were twins born 7/8/1782]
9. Lucinda Hall, b. 7-28-1782, d. 5-17-1785
10 Samuel Hall, b. 7-18-1784 in NJ, d. 12-22-1805
11 Ruhanna [Tree Ruhamah] Hall, b. 9-25-1786 in NJ, m. a “Lee” – (2nd Eliza Cox) d. 10-20-185?
12 John Hall, b. 9-20-1788, d. 1883, Lived in Bristol IL, son Everett lived in NJ
13 Gertrude Hall, born 10-28-1791 [Tree 10/26/1771] m. Andrew Simpson, Freehold NJ

Note: In an old handwritten family history, it contained this note about Theodore and Samuel in 1759: "He and his father were crossing the Delaware in a boat; two thirds of the way across the boat capsized; Theodore drowned but Samuel crossed in safety.” Theodore would have been about 69 years old at the time. Samuel would have been about 17 years old. Samuel went on to marry Ruhanna Everetts, and they had thirteen children, including Jesse Hall Sr., who later moved out to what is now Renovo, Clinton County, Pa. The early Halls definitely believed in the saying “Go forth and multiply”

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JESSE HALL, SR. 1779-1877 Married ELIZABETH "BETSY" JOHNSON 1780-1854 JESSE HALL, SR. was born 6/1/1779 in Bucks County PA, and died on 10/14/1877 and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Bristol, Illinois.
He married Elizabeth Johnson. Elizabeth "Betsy" Johnson was born in 10/21/1780 in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon County NJ, and died on 8/2/1854, and was buried in the Old Hays Cemetery at Beech Creek Township PA, a/k/a Hays/Fearon Cemetery, 1/4 mile from the town of Beech Creek PA. Coming from Mill Hall, there will be a left turn; this road runs longside Route 150 for a short distance, and the cemetery will be on your left.
Jesse Hall Sr. and Betsy Johnson* Hall had 12 children:

·          John Hall, Married Frances Farwell - - - family

·          Johnson Hall, Married Nancy Grugan (sp? Grucin?) - - - family
·          Nancy Hall, Married Asher Packer - - - family
·          Ruhamah Hall, Married John Bridgens - - - family
·          Joseph Hall, Married Temperence Sterling - - - family
·          Saul Hall, Married Julia Slone (Stone?) - - - family
·          Everett Hall, Married Elsie Ross - - - family
·          Charlotte Hall, Married William Clark - - - family
·          Thur Hall, Married Rachel McCloskey - - - family unknown
·          Elizabeth Hall, Married James McCloskey - - - family
·          JESSE ROYAL HALL (aka Jesse Hall Jr.), Married Mary Shafer - - - family
·          Samuel Hall, Married Sara McCloskey - - - family
*Betsy's Father was Bethuel JOHNSTON of Gibson Township PA, and her Mother was Ann SIMPSON Johnson
Elizabeth "Betsy" Johnson
Wife of Jesse Hall Sr.
Came to USA in 1802

JESSE ROYAL HALL 1815-1865; married MARY ANN SHAFFER* 1819-1869; Jesse Royal Hall (a.k.a. Jesse  Hall, Jr.) was born 4/10/1815 at Bennetts Branch near Benezette PA, and died at Renovo PA on 12/21/1865. He is buried in the Old North Bend Presbyterian Cemetery. He married Mary Ann Shaffer on November 08, 1838 (or 2/5/1840?). She was born on 3/11/1819, and she died on 4/21/1869, and is buried in the Old North Bend Presbyterian Cemetery also. 
Jesse Hall Jr. & Mary Ann Shaffer Hall had 8 children (not in order):
1. Mary Hall, Married Winfield Summerson - - - family
2. Joseph M. Hall b.6/7/1858 d.1950 (Married Minerva Kepler d.1930) - (they had two children including Jesse D. Hall [Rene's Grandfather***] who was born in the Hall homestead in Shintown)
     a. May Hall (married John Fox)
           a1. Elmer Fox
           a2. Delmar Fox
     b. Jesse D. Hall (married Irene Kepperley)
           b1. James Hall (married ?)
                 -Rene Hall (Long Island City NY 11101)
           b2. Donald King Hall b. c1915 (York PA)
3. EVERETT FRANKLIN HALL 1842-1915, Married Emma Wertz - - - (Clarence Hall & Alice Downs) - family
4. PHEBE ANN HALL-WERTZ 1855-1928, Married Taylor Zachery Wertz - - - family
5. Sara Jane Hall, Married Joseph Seese = (Emma & Howard Calhoun; Alice & Everett Wertz; more)
6. Elizabeth "Libby"/"Eliza" Hall, Married Michael Stout – family [Elizabeth (2?), Married Robert Poorman?]
7. Nancy Artie Hall, Married James Till = (John & Carrie Bently; Mary & John Simpson; more) - - - family
8. Rebecca Mandana "Dane" Hall, Married Edward Van Riper - - - family
*Mary Ann Shaffer's Father was James SHAFFER, Sr., born 12/22/1787, and he died at Grove Township, near Sinnemahoning, Cameron County, PA on 8/25/1872. Mary Ann's Mother was Margaret BROOKS Shaffer, born 1/28/1791, died 2/26/1876. Margaret and James were married in 1809, and are buried in the Pine Street Cemetery at Sterling Run PA in Cameron County.
Margaret's Father was Benjamin BROOKS (REV WAR.) born 3/11/1753 in Bucks County PA, of English and Irish descent, and he died in Gibson Township, Cameron County, PA on 12/24/1838. He is also buried in the Pine Street Cemetery at Sterling Run PA (85y 8m 13d).  Sergeant Benjamin Brooks fought at the Revolutionary battles of Germantown and Brandywine in Pennsylvania.
Benjamin married (1) Elizabeth Harkins, and they had nine children:
1. James Brooks
2. Joseph Brooks
3. William Brooks
4. Benjamin Brooks
5. David Brooks
6. Rebecaa Brooks
7. MARGARET BROOKS (my ggg Grandmother)
8. Jane Brooks
9. Mary Brooks
Benjamin then married (2) Mary Wood, a native of Monmouth County, New Jersey. She was of English and Welsh descent. Mary and Benjamin had two children:
1. John Brooks**
2. Washington Brooks
(2)Mary Wood Brooks is buried in the Pine Street Cemetery at Sterling Run PA  (79y 11m 20d).
**John Brooks was born in Lock Haven, my home town. He became one of the first County Commissioners of Elk County PA when it was formed, and served three terms in the Pennsylvania State legislature as a Republican.
***Donald King Hall was Rene M. Hall's Uncle

Jesse Hall Jr.
1896 Photo
Everett Franklin Hall
Phebe Ann Hall

Everett Hall & Emma Wertz Hall
at their home in Point Breeze South Renovo Pa.


EVERETT FRANKLIN HALL was born in 1842 and died in 1915.   
He married EMMA LOUSIA WERTZ, who was born in 1846 and died in 1904. Her Father was John W. Wertz, and her Mother was Mary Ann Pfoutz. Everett and Emma were unable to have biological children, so they adopted their son, my Grandfather Clarence Richard (Wertz) Hall, at birth from their brother and sister, i.e. Zackary Taylor Wertz & Phebe Ann Hall (who had 12 children): 
TAYLOR ZACHERY WERTZ & PHEBE ANN (HALL) WERTZ, who had 12 children (not in order):
John Wertz, Married Maize Haas - - - family
Elial McVey Wertz, Married Alice Delia W. Smith - - - family
Joseph Wertz, Married Cordie Croak - - - family
Beatrice Wertz, Married John Croak - - - family (Minnie/Joe DeVaul) (Ruth/Tom Youngquist)
Deward Wertz, Married Ann Hibler - - - family
Myrtle Wertz, Married Alvin Doebler (& 2 G. Goodman) - - - family
Lloyd Wertz, Married Jane Askey - - - family
Edythe Wertz, Married Arthur Dadd - - - family
Elletta Wertz, Married Robert Valentine - - - family
Everett Wertz, Married Alice Seese - - - family
Martha Wertz - - - family unknown
CLARENCE RICHARD WERTZ (HALL), Married Alice T. Downs - - - my immediate family
Clarence Richard Hall Tree
Click to enlarge
Clarence Richard Hall

CLARENCE RICHARD (WERTZ) HALL (my Grandfather "Richard") was born 11/11/1880 in Hall's Run, Noyes Township, Clinton County, PA, and died 10/19/1920 at Renovo PA. 
He married ALICE THEA DOWNS (my grandmother) on 10/9/1905 in Williamsport, Lycoming county, PA.  She was born 8/27/1877 and died 12/22/1932 at Point Breeze, South Renovo, PA on the Hall Family Estate.  Her original name was "Anna Althea Downs" and she changed it to "Alice Thea Downs."  ALice was the daughter of John Luther Downs and Matilda Florence Wertz Downs (a sister of Clarence's biological father, Taylor Zachery Wertz). Clarence and Alice are both buried in Hall-Werts Cemetery, Halls Run PA. They lived at Point Breeze, up below the reservoir in South Renovo. They had also lived on the farm way up Barney Run Road near the river, and in Philadelphia.  
Richard and Alice had three children:
1) Emma Louise Hall B 9-8-1907 D 10/15/1991 DAR# 405901 (CA)
2) Belle Evelyn Hall B 6-19-1910 D 12/26/1997 (San Francisco CA)
3) PEARL MADELINE HALL (my Mother) B 7-19-1913 D 2-5-1976 (Castanea PA)
(NOTE: Richard was buried at Kettle Creek Cemetery originally, but I helped my Father and Clyde Wertz and his boys move his grave from Kettle Creek to the Hall-Wertz Cemetery in Halls Run, next to his wife, my Grandmother Alice Downs Hall, because of building the Alvin R. Bush Dam on Kettle Creek. He was given in adoption to Phebe's brother, Everett and his wife, Zachery's sister, because they were unable to have children. (Two of my sons are buried next to them, John Richard Poorman and Randall Clay Poorman. -per Kenneth R. Poorman 9-17-2002).

Pearlie, Belle, Emma
Alice, Pearlie, Belle

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Emma Louise Hall was born 10/8/1907 at 1831 North Mervine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on 10/15/1991 in Manteca California. (DAR# 405901)  Aunt Emma went to Lock Haven Normal School, and became a teacher.  Subsequently she got two masters degrees in California.  She married Tyler Frederick Hammond, Sr. on 12/30/1933 at the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge National Park. He was born on 5/31/1902 at Philadelphia, PA. They had three children:

1) Alice Downs Hammond O'Leary (living) (DAR# 452900)
2) Helena Hammond Rose Swift (living)
3) Tyler F. Hammond Jr. (deceased)

Aunt Emma's DAR Info:
Daughters of the American Revolution
Patriot Name: Emma Louise Hall Hammond
National Number: 901901
Chapter: 8017CA La Peurta de Oro-San Francisco Chapter
Chapter website:

Belle Evelyn Hall was born 6-19-1910, not sure where - no one to ask - in Renovo I suppose.   I remember she went to Bryn Mawr College, did some nursing, some modeling in NYC, then went to California.  She married uncle Val DeFilippo, and they had no children.  He had a job with the Federal government in Washington D.C. and Aunt Belle worked for the City of San Francisco.  They lived in an apartment on Polk Street.  She died 12/26/1997 in San Francisco CA.  I think Uncle Val has a daughter living, but I don't know her name, or where she lives in California.

PEARL MADELINE HALL was born 7/19/1913 and died 2/5/1976 in Williamsport, Pa.  She went to Lock Haven Normal School, and worked as a waitress at Mt. Airy Lodge in the Pocnos, and The Exxex House in South Beach, Miami, Florida.  She married my father, KENNETH JOHN POORMAN, in 1941 in Lock Haven Pa.  They had two children:
1. Kenneth Richard Poorman
2. Stephen Philip Poorman

(Clarence Richard Hall had no boys, so end of the line for our Clarence Halls)

Emma Hall Hammond
Belle Hall DeFilippo
Pearl Hall Poorman
Love you Mom!

Need a lot of info about Aunt Emma and Aunt Belle's families, i.e. Hammond and DeFilippo.

Some names associated with Hammond: Tyler F. Hammond, Manteca, CA, Tracy, Escalon, Lathrop, Jeff. L. Hammond, Jeffery Louis Hammond, Linda M. Hammond - Tosta.

Some Names associated with DeFilippo: Belle Evelyn Hall DeFilippo, San Francisco, CA, Polk Street.

My Family Tree




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